Orthopedic Surgeon in Columbus, OH

When you become a patient of Dr. Rosenberg you can expect a highly individualized experience. Your diagnosis and treatment options will be thoroughly discussed to help you arrive at your optimal treatment.

Dr. Rosenberg’s 32 plus years as an orthopedic surgeon have provided him an in-depth perspective on orthopedic surgery.

Additionally Dr. Rosenberg is offering evolving regenerative medicine options. This would include minimally invasive treatments that are safe and scientifically sound.

For discriminating patients who prefer to explore both surgical and non-surgical options

About Dr. Gerald M. Rosenberg

Gerald Rosenberg, MD, MBA - OrthoIntel

Gerald M. Rosenberg, MD graduated from Miami University and went to Medical School at The Ohio State University. He did his orthopedic surgical residency at Mount Carmel Medical Center and spent one year in specializing in hand and upper extremity surgery at Hospital Special Surgery in New York City.

The focus of Dr. Rosenberg’s surgical practice has largely been joint reconstruction of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand, as well as knee.

Highly experienced second opinions

  • Understand all the pros and cons of your decision
  • Tests explained
  • What “normal” looks like
  • What are your options
  • Discussion of other modalities